Let’s continue…

Once you have pressed all of your pieces, it’s time to add the other strip to your block. Again, place your strip on top of your rectangle right sides together. You may want to pin these to keep them from shifting. I recommend that you place a pin first at your seam. Use the pin to hold the seam in the direction of the darker fabric. If you wish, place another pin at each end. Chain stitch these together.

Now that you have finished sewing these strips onto your block, it’s time to press again.

Again, press your seam toward the darker fabric.

Now that your blocks are pressed, its time to take a look at what you have. Separate the lighter blocks from the darker ones.

Now is a good time to lay out your blocks on a nice flat surface.

I did 10 rows of 8 blocks. This gives me 4 extra blocks. Which is fine, I can play with the blocks and see if I like different colors in different spots.

Notice the pattern that I made. It is a chain pattern that is easy to achieve. 

It is a simple repeating pattern.

Once you have your pieces in the order that you like, it’s time to sew your rows together.

Place your pins at the seams. Holding them down in the direction that you want it to lay.

Stitch all your rows together.

There will be one more post to finish up your quilt top. 

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