Some of the quilts I’ve made…

Before we start on a new quilt top, I thought I’d take a moment to share a few images of quilts that I have done. This is only a handful of ones that I  have made. Most of my quilts have been sold, donated to charitable organizations for fund raising, or given as gifts. Some I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of, which I highly recommend by the way. It’s good to know what you’ve done, what came out well and what you will never do again!

Let’s start with some small stuff…

Okay, some bigger things, wall hangings to baby blankets…

Throw size…

Bed size, Twin to California King…

All are unique, and used different techniques. If you have a question about any of them or would like to know how to make one for yourself, please drop me a line.

I also make quilts to order, as some of these were very specific ideas. Like I mentioned, only a handful of these are actually in my possession currently.  There are many more, as I come across images of them I will try to post them here as well. Hope you’ve enjoyed a look at my portfolio!

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