Other things that I do…

Besides making quilts, I also do various other things with my time. I work a salary job and in my free time I try to keep up with quilt orders, many different crafty projects and writing.

I’ll be completely honest, I’ve been slacking on the writting. I lost steam.

After releasing these, part one and two of a trilogy, I have been having a hard time finishing the last book. I have about half of it written. So don’t get me wrong, there is some forward motion. Just not enough. My New Year’s resolution is to finish book 3 this year.

Well today I actually wrote about 10 pages. I even surprised myself! All I need are a few more productive days like that! This took place at 6 am this morning, before I spent almost 11 hours at work.

Just a little insight into me when I’m not making a quilt…

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