SAL #2…

Three weeks ago I posted my first offering for the SAL group ( stitch along) that I joined. Well, the time has come around again to share the progress.  First let me remind you where I was last time…

Remeber? Ok, so I was still debating how I wanted to change the original pattern. Well, this is what I came up with…

As you can see, I changed it a bit. It is also almost done. I just have to finish up the backstitching. (Which is my least favorite thing to do. Just sayin’)

So as a reminder this was the actual pattern…

Thanks for taking a look at my project, and don’t forget to check out everyone else in the group and see where they are in their projects as well. Happy stitching!

Avis / Claire / Gun / Carole / Kate / Lucyanne / Sue / Constanze / Debbie / Christina / Kathy / Margaret / Cindy / Helen / Steph / Linda / Catherine / Wendy / Mary Margaret / Timothy / Heidi and Connie

18 thoughts on “SAL #2…

  1. i hate back stitching as well and generally choose a project that doesn’t have any πŸ˜›
    it really does sharpen the edges and make it come alive though. great progress this time!!


    1. True, it’s a pain in the rear, but a necessary evil. You can definitely see the difference between the stuff that’s outlined and the stuff that isn’t. Some stuff is okay without that defining line, but others just pop with that little bit of definition.


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