Book Review #3

Up next is an autobiography. For some reason I’ve been reading several of these lately. So, first up…

Now, when it comes to this type of book, I prefer to listen to the audio book version. This is especially true when it is read by the author.

This one did not disappoint. I find it fascinating to listen to a storyteller talk about their own experiences. It adds so much depth. 

If you are familiar with Garry Marshall’s work, all the better. I was vaguely aware of a few movies which he directed, such as Pretty Woman, and Hocus Pocus. I learned of several more and tv shows that I had no idea he had been a writer for. 

The pace is good and the overall feeling you get is of a favorite uncle telling you stories about the good old days.

If you can deal with the thick Brooklyn accent, give it a listen.

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