Book Review #10

Back to autobiographies…

As I have said before, when it comes to this type of book, I really like to listen to the audio book version. Especially when it is read by the author.

This book was read by Tina Fey, and it was done well. It feels like you are just sitting down to have a conversation with her, and she’s telling you her life story. Well, parts of it anyway. 

The ride is smooth and her voice is easy to listen to. If you were not sure if Tina was a normal everyday person, you will be after reading this. She’s humble and unassuming.  There really isn’t anything too exciting that happens. Which is not to say that this book is not worth the read.

I would totally recommend this book for a nice easy read, or listen, and a bit of normalcy in a world that so often is over the top.

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