Book Review #15

This is another book that I received from Book of the Month. It is a sci-fi/psychological thriller.

The idea behind this book is a bit creepy. I don’t want to give too much away about this book, in case someone wants to read it. However, read on at you’re own risk. 

In this book, people go to a kind of psychic network that allows them to communicate with dead people, by letting the dead person possess their body. Then the person visiting can have a conversation or whatever with the dead person. 

If that isn’t creepy enough, the main story takes a sharp turn that leaves the reader confused, a bit disgusted, and scared.

I was not surprised by the turn this story took, but I will say that it was very craftily done. 

This was a very enjoyable read, in a creepy, scary kind of way. This story definitely makes you think…

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