Book Review #16

As this will be out in theaters soon, I figured it would be a good thing to write a quick review about it.

If you are not aware of the premises of this book, it’s all about video games. It’s a dystopian book that revolves around the idea that the world has become so dependant on virtual reality, that people spend almost their entire lives in a virtual reality world.

If you have a love of classic video games, you will undoubtedly very much enjoy this story. There are plenty of Easter eggs “hidden” throughout the book. 

I was a bit disappointed with what seems like a forced kind of romantic story that appears, however, if this is truly just the first book (I’ve not seen anything about an upcoming sequel), maybe this will change my opinion on that point.

Do I recommend this one? If you like video games or dystopian books, a very strong yes. If you are indifferent to those ideas, then perhaps not so much. I know that I enjoyed the book.

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