SAL Update #9

Well…. I have not had much time to work on my lions this time. And the times that I have, I’ve spent more time taking out stitches than putting new ones in. πŸ˜” (sad face). I cannot remember a project that I’ve had such a hard time working on. Geez. That being said, I may put that away and do something else for a awhile…

This is where I was last time…

And here is where I am now…

Not much has changed. 

So, now that my store is done with our yearly inventory, and I am about a week away from starting my new position, I have decided to play a bit.

I made some alcohol inks and decided to dye some aida fabric. The light neutral is what I started with. As of right now they are dry to the touch. I plan to let them dry another 48 hours or so, and then stitch some white on them to test the color-fastness. The colors are so vibrant and I can already picture what I could do with them! So if you think I’m a bit excited about this project, you’d be right! I will keep you posted as to how it goes once I’ve put it through a few tests. If I like the results, I may try selling them on my etsy page… what do you think?

Don’t forget to go check out everyone else in the group and see where they are on their projects as well! Happy Stitching!


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13 thoughts on “SAL Update #9

  1. I love your lions! When I get in a mess with a big project I sometimes quit doing one color and fill in everything for one small section so I have a new point of reference. It seems to help me be more accurate when I go back to the long counting sections. Your dye jobs are so intense, very beautiful colors there!

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