Book Review #20

Is it true that everyone reads Danielle Steel? That was a slogan they used to sell her books (and I think they still use it). I’ll admit that I’ve read my fair share of her novels.

If you are a fan, this one does not disappoint. A young girl is orphaned in France and is sent to live with an aunt she’s never met. She grows up very poor and almost abused as a result. She is in college when she finds out that she is really an heiress. Once this happens, she decides to go back to France to her childhood home, just for a visit. 

Well, as you can imagine, all hell breaks loose. But through it all, she stays connected with her best friend back in the states. Who happens to be a guy.

I won’t say too much, because it really is worth the read. It is a true Danielle Steel book, and I recommend it as a nice weekend read.

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