SAL Update #15

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone. This is probably the first time that I’ve actually had the full three days off. I hope everyone is enjoying their time.

So, I’ve had a very busy few weeks. I’m still at the office, so I’m at home for the next couple of weeks. I have a vacation coming up, however, I’ll be spending it packing, as I’m giving up my apartment and putting my stuff into storage. Yep, I will literally be living out of my car. Well, hotels and my car.

Speaking of my car, I currently don’t have one. I did have one. I traded it in and got a new car. However, I barely had the car for two weeks and was in an accident. Totaled my new car. Yep. Hadn’t even gotten the information on the payments yet.

Before you ask, yes, I’m okay. Lots of bruises but thankfully all the airbags went off and nothing too bad happened.

My left hand got the worse of it though. Severe bruising and a sprained thumb.

However, even though my thumb has hurt for the last two weeks, I have been stitching. I’ve been looking at it as a kind of therapy for my thumb, as I use both hands when I stitch. Left hand on top, and right hand underneath the project.

Since I could barely move my thumb at first, this was very painful. As the days have gone by, it has gotten easier and less painful. Still a bit hard to grip the tiny needle but it is what it is. So anyway, this is where I was last time…

And here is where I am now….

I hope everyone is enjoying this weekend, it’s beautiful weather here!

Please take a moment to go take a look at the other members of the group’s pages. Everyone is doing something different, so check them out. Please allow for differences in time, as everyone in the group are from all over.

26 thoughts on “SAL Update #15

  1. that’s lovely progress Heid!
    So sorry to hear about the car accident! Hope your hand recovers quickly.
    And also hope the living in your car/hôtels is only a temporary arrangement, and that you’ll be getting a new permanent home very soon.

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  2. My goodness, Heidi, I’m glad you are OK, and I’m so sorry to hear about your car and accident😳! Storing everything is a big step, but if you are not going to be home in the foreseeable future I can understand the step. Hope it is clear sailing from now on.
    The butterfly looks grand, indeed you did do a lot of Therapy on that thumb, hoping the healing continues quickly for you!

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  3. So sorry to hear about the accident! Love how much progress you’ve made on your butterflied — stitch therapy indeed! Good luck with the packing and storing, and your upcoming nomadic life.

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  4. OH my goodness. So sorry to hear about your car accident! Glad you are ok and hope you make a speedy recovery. Stitching is good therapy and those butterflies are coming along nicely.

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  5. Yikes! If ever there were an argument against buying a brand new vehicle you’ve certainly demonstrated it! So glad you weren’t injured more seriously. Still, for a stitcher any injury to the hands could be disastrous. You’ve made good progress on your butterfly in spite of it all. Hope the next few weeks are a lot smoother sailing for you!

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  6. Oh you poor thing! I do hope you get your car sorted before you move into it! And you have done an incredible amount of work for someone with a painful injury. It looks fantastic!

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  7. I think you are a brave woman, putting all your stuff in a storage and then the accident with the car and still you are stitching and don´t give up!!!!! Hurray for you!!!! And the butterfly is so great!

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  8. Wow I’m sorry about the crash but that’s perseverance! And stitching through the pain was worth it because that blue butterfly is gorgeous!

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  9. Good Luck with the storage/living arrangements x I’ve been trying to work out if the background/fabric is the pattern or if you cross stitch to… I can’t think of the right word but to like accompany it?


  10. Sounds like a pretty rough patch you’re having to go through ! Such a shame about the car ,but the important thing is that you’re alright, everything will hopefully be for the better soon. You’ve made wonderful progress on the SAL , especially considering your injury, but don’t be too hard on yourself as you deserve a good rest from all this shenanigan. Good luck with your temporary accomodation. I hope your job won’t make you move hotels too often so that you get a little bit of stability at least. You’ve proven that you can’t be brought down that easily !!

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