SAL Update # 16

It’s been 3 weeks already?? Time flies! So, still have a rental car, hoping tomorrow is the day I get to pick up my new vehicle. Fingers crossed!!

So last time, this is where I was…

This is where I am now…

I’ve only been able to work on it a couple times since the last post. But good news is my hand is almost back to normal. Still gets sore and stiff though, so hoping that goes away soon.

I have 2 weeks left in my apartment, so I’ve been busy packing and putting stuff into storage. I had a garage sale over the weekend and that went pretty well.

It is so hot here, I hope everyone has a cool place to be, me? My A/C isn’t working in my apartment, so my little fan is getting a workout!

There are a bunch of us in the Stitch Along group, so please take a moment to jump over to their pages as well and check out what they’ve been doing!

13 thoughts on “SAL Update # 16

    1. If it was just moving, it wouldn’t be too bad. Packing stuff knowing that it’s going to be in a storage unit for the next couple years, it’s a bit different. I’m down to two suitcases of clothes, and 3 pairs of shoes. I’ve purged so much stuff, it’s crazy! Whenever I decide to do a different job, it will be like completely starting over. It’s scary and exciting all at the same time


  1. You have so much going on right now Heidi, I feel for you trying to decide what stays, what goes to storage, etc. Your butterflies look wonderful, I’m glad you have a little stitching to give you a creative outlet. and glad to hear that your hand is healing up.

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