Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 1

Okay, so I came across this challenge on a Pinterest post. I thought it might be fun and as even if I don’t have time to do much else, I still read a lot.

So let’s see if I can keep it up!

Day One: Best book you read last year?

(I’m going to go with this year since it’s almost over anyway)

The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn

I’ve read quite a lot of books this year (not as much as last year, but still a great showing) and this one still stands out to me. I really enjoyed the storyline and twists that it took.

It’s about a woman who has become agoraphobic after a terrible accident. Being a psychologist herself, she understands much of what is happening to her. However, she is very much an unreliable narrator that the reader doesn’t get to understand right away.

It’s a great suspense novel that nods to the classic suspense of Alfred Hitchcock.

Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday to me. Took myself to Barnes and Noble for what else? More books. I swear, I have a traveling library…

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