SAL #27

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone made it through the polar vortex okay! I drove to 4 different stores in 4 days last week (during that -30 + weather) and I’m happy to say that my SUV started every time! This week I have 5 stores in 5 days, the most distance I have to drive between is around 200 miles, so not too bad.

Anyway! It’s been 3 weeks again already; man time just flies by doesn’t it?

So, last time I was here…

And now I’m here…

I finished off all the butterflies, since there were a few that were missing a color here and there. I’ve also added in a few more leaves and started on the shading around the butterflies. Once I get done with that, it’s all about the backstitch.

Fingers crossed I’ll have a finish to show you next time!

Until then, please swing by and take a look at the other members of the SAL (stitch a long) group are up to.

We have a couple new members since last time, so for you guys, Welcome!

If you’re reading this and are interested in joining our group, contact Avis!

Happy Stitching Everyone!

25 thoughts on “SAL #27

  1. This is looking beautiful ! Backstitching can be quite daunting but I like to do a little at a time, and despite not really liking it at first, I got better over the years. It’s all about following the chart and pushing and nudging with a needle to get it to rest where it should !

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  2. I almost thought the leaves were part of the printed fabric! I see where you added more to it though. So pretty! Good luck for a finish next go around!

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  3. Yay, happy dance nearly on the way! Our polar vortex was on a slightly smaller scale to you (-4 and a few cm of snow!) – but still managed to bring everything to a halt and I only managed a quick trip to the shop at the bottom of our road! xx

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