SAL #29

Hello All!

Another 3 weeks! Geez it sure does fly by.

I am in the process of opening another new store, (Grand Opening first week in May), so have been a bit busy with the training of new associates. Time stands still for no man.

I’ve only had a chance to work a little on my butterflies, finished the shading. Still have the backstitch to do.

So, last time I was here….

And now…

The lighting in the hotel is not great, but hopefully you can see the shading under the butterflies.

Fingers crossed that next time we will be seeing a finish/new project!

Please do stop by and see everyone’s pages. Lots of different projects to take a look at!

See ya next time!

15 thoughts on “SAL #29

  1. I can see the shading! It does look as though you are nearing the finish line. I don’t remember exactly, but aren’t you nearing a half way point in your constant traveling for work, or has that changed?

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  2. I stitched birds in a nest that had lots of shading in the background and it worked out really nicely in the end. This is coming along beautifully!

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