Catch up on Crochet 3

So I’ve been trying some new yarns. I ordered some stuff from Hobium, and when the rather large bag arrived at my dad’s house, he was a bit confused since the return address was from Istanbul. But, hey it arrived in 2 days. You can’t even mail something across town and expect it to be there in 2 days. So wow.

Here is what I ordered…

Some of the yarn I really like, some, not so much. The one I’ve been most disappointed in is the Kartopu Hola. I ordered it in three colors, but now, I’m wishing I hadn’t.

The other yarns that I’ve tried, I’ve really liked. I’ve used the Rock N Roll, that project isn’t done yet so no pictures this time on that yarn.

I also made a lightweight poncho out of half of the balls of baby cotton. However I forgot to take a picture of it last weekend when I was as my dad’s. (Where I stay when I go home.)

So, the pictures this time are not as many as usual, but I promise to show those items next time.

Anyway, here is what I do have to show…

The button isn’t decided yet. I think I’m going to make some of my buttons into pins so I can swap them out.

Strawberry Shortcake hat..

Purple Cowl/Infinity Scarf

Green Cowl/Infinity Scarf…

It’s almost hat time! Messy bun hats ready to sell…

I’ll have more in a little while…

And finally,

I haven’t had a chance to put buttons on it yet, so I’ll show that next time when it’s complete.

Since I’m stuck out of town this weekend, I found a yarn shop and bought some stuff…

I already made two hats and working on a third with the ones in the upper left corner.

I do actually have plans for all of it, which may be a first for me!

So there you have it, until next time! Oh and hhere’s a link to my Etsy page if you’re interested, a lot of my stuff is on there, but not everything. If you are interested in something that isn’t listed, just let me know!

Check out this item in my Etsy shop

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