SAL #38

Why does three weeks go by so fast??

I do not have much to show. A lot of the time my project was sitting at my dad’s house and I was not.

So anyway, this is where I was…

And this is where I am now…

Super hard to see the very subtle shading, but there is a lighter green/grey rose pattern forming in there.

I think I’ve decided to put some of my favorite authors’ names on the books, but stitch them in after with a backstitch.

I’m sure everyone else has more to show than me, I’ve been a bit busy opening another store, so go check out there pages and see what they’ve been up to!

Until next time, Happy Stitching!

7 thoughts on “SAL #38

  1. Any stitching is moving it forward which is the way you want to go. I’ll love to see more of this next time round. Love the idea of putting author’s names on the books.

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