Diamond Painting Projects #1

Okay, so three weeks ago I shared that I had done my first diamond painting project. Still not sure what I’m going to do with that one, but it’s okay. To remind you, this is what I did…

I did enjoy doing this, so I got another, and that turned into getting a lot more.

Some of the ones that I’ve ordered, were not the best, as when I first started looking at them, I didn’t know about how the bigger the canvas the better the image.

Anywho, I ordered some from Amazon, Painting with Diamonds, Home Craftology, and Diamond Art Club. I’ve received about half of what I’ve ordered so far.

I can tell, just from looking at the canvases that definitely the bigger the image the better the picture will come out.

So, back at my hotel room, I have this waiting for me…

This is obviously previous to me working on it. I have about half of it done, so should have it done to show next time…

And I did this one a couple days ago…

He’s so little, you have to stand back from it to really see what it is. If you are too close, it just looks pixelated.

Why don’t they make these things standard frame sizes? I mean what the heck? This is in a 5×7 frame, but it’s a 6×8 picture.

And I’m working on this one right now…

It will be Christmas ornaments, I think it will come out better than the Santa one did. I’m planning on finishing it today, so I’ll show that next time.

I am looking forward to getting the rest of my orders (something like 30 total kits, I know, I know, but choices). I have about 17 right now, but several are little ones like these.

I think the size of the wolf one is about perfect, but we will see, I’m only 4 in right now.

3 thoughts on “Diamond Painting Projects #1

  1. Amazing realistic effect you can achieve with this medium. All are beautiful but look at that Santa! So sweet; I can imagine how unique and lovely the ornaments would be with this method.

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