SAL #39

It has been a super busy three weeks. This is the first weekend that I’ve been “home” in almost a month. We went through another Grand Opening and now it is back to “normal” for work. I only have a little bit of progress to show, so here we go…

Previously, this is where I was at…

It’s super hard to see the difference in color. But here I am now…

One book done, and I started a leaf…

I do have other news to share though…

Meet Sirius Blackie…

He’s my new travel companion! Most hotels that I stay at are pet friendly, so he gets to hang out with me. If I’m sent somewhere that isn’t, he stays with my mom and his brother.

So, as always, go check out everyone’s pages to see what they’ve been up to. Remember that we are all working on something different and it’s fun to see the various projects.

As always Happy Stitching!

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