SAL #41

Why does 3 weeks fly by so fast?

So, only worked on my cross stitch a little bit. I’m still thinking about doing a different project, I just haven’t really looked for anything yet.

So anyway, this is where I was last time…

And here is where I’m at now…

Not much, but like I said, thinking about doing another project because this one just doesn’t make me happy…

Sirius is keeping me company at my dad’s this weekend. He’s done really well, so when I stay here, I should be able to continue to bring him with me.

Don’t forget to check out everyone’s pages to see what they’ve been doing!

8 thoughts on “SAL #41

  1. I try to make myself stick to one project at a time, but I am also willing to abandon a project I don’t like. I just decide to “set it free”. I figure I’ve “rescued” enough projects from the charity shop that I can surrender a few for adoption, too.

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