Catch Up On Crochet #8

Three weeks again!

So I have done a bit more crocheting this time.

For Christmas, I decided to make my nieces headbands. Then I didn’t really know what colors they would want, so I made them all the same…

They came out pretty well I think.

I also made a cowl/scarf out of the same yarn, since I had some left…

And I liked the headbands, so I decided to make more. I’m trying to get enough stuff made to justify getting a booth at a craft show, and I think these will do well. So I’m not done making all the colors I want to make, but I’ve gotten quite a few done…

The variegated ones are stacks of 2.

So, this is what I’ve been up to, and check out my YouTube channel, which is the same name as my blog…

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