SAL #42

Three more weeks have gone by, hopefully everyone had a good holiday season. I did very little over the holidays, however, I didn’t have to travel for work much at all, so that was a plus.

Anywho, I stated before that I wasn’t really thrilled with the kit that I’ve been working on. This is where I was at…

I actually have not done anything more with it.

However, I did start a different project…

So this is what I have so far…

This is what it will be…

This is from The Cross Stitcher magazine, so I had to go get the supplies and everything. I don’t really like doing that with traveling because keeping track of all those different skeins can be a headache. Anyway, it is shown in 14 ct and I decided to do it on 16 ct so mine will be a little bit smaller.

I have also recently started a YouTube channel, so feel free to check that out…

Sirius Blackie got his first haircut a week ago, and did pretty well, he’s looking pretty dapper here…

We do have a new member of our SAL group, so welcome AJ to our group, happy stitching!

If you’re interested in joining our group, contact Avis on the list below. And as always, check out everyone’s pages to see what they’ve been up to as well.

17 thoughts on “SAL #42

  1. Shame you weren’t getting on with the first project but if you’re not enjoying it, there’s no point. Maybe you’ll fancy stitching it another time. Love the new stitch though. Lovely and colourful and with all the little baubles, it’ll be like having lots of mini finishes.
    Sirius is a cutie ❀

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  2. First of all Sirius Blackie is adorable — what a darling face on him. Am I seeing a bit of Schnauzer in that face? What is he…I love him πŸ™‚ The bauble wreath is really fun and festive. I would enjoy doing that too.

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