Diamond Painting Projects #5

Time flies when you’re busy.

I do have some finishes to show you from the last 3 weeks…

So here we go…

So last time, this guy was not quite done. Now he is, and I can move on the the next one, who is blue… but before I do that, I did take a little break from the owl life…

My witchy cat is complete. She does look better than the image did just printed. However, you almost have to look at it at just the right angle to really see it. Not sure I like it. Haven’t found a frame for it yet…

My owl family finally got finished! If you saw one of my earlier posts on diamond painting, you’d have seen me post that I was missing like 250 drills of the dark blue on the side. Well, I had enough left ove from the witchy cat to finish this one, so yay!

This moon image is part of a 4 pk that I ordered from Amazon. I did this as my hotel project….

I’ve never used these release papers before, but the plastic cover wasn’t pulling back nicely, so I decided to give them a try. They work great. I roll my painting up when not working on it, that’s why you see them curling up, in a bit they will lay flat again. I made the mistake of starting in the top corner, then putting the paper down in the opposite direction, so there is some on both ends that is done. This one is DAC’s Melinda and MooHoo by Hannah Lynn.

Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel…. you’ll see some diamond painting unboxings


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