Diamond Painting Projects #6

Three weeks. Again.

I only have one finish to show you this time, and a few partially finished ones.

So, here is my finish…

This was a mystery painting that I received from PaintGem.com when I ordered over a certain amount. I don’t know if they always run that promo, but it was around Christmas time that I placed the order. Below is a link to the post review that I did on it.


Okay, so here are the partially completed ones..

I’m about halfway done with the blue one, then only one more owl to go and I’ll be done with this 4 peice set. Then just to figure out what to do with it. This is from CESDeals…

This is my hotel project for the week, I’ll probably finish it in a day or two and then start another of this 4 peice set. Below is the unboxing that I did of these if you’d like to see the whole set. It’s from Amazon…


And lastly, I’ve been working on this one…

This is Melinda and MooHoo from Diamond Art Club. So much black…

So, hopefully you liked these, and hopefully I’ll have another finish or two next time to share!

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