Diamond Painting Projects #7

Three weeks. Geez. I have been diligently working on Melinda and MooHoo every weekend, as I don’t take it with me on the road. I tend to take small projects along to the hotels, that I might have a chance of finishing.


Here is where I’m at with Melinda…

Sooo close, only 4 more sections to go! (DAC)

And my current hotel project…

I just have that small section left to do and this one will be finished. (Amazon)

I do have one finish to show you guys…

I only have one more owl, and then the whole thing will be done. (Cesdeals)


I just realized that I didn’t show you guys this finished….

This is part of a set of 4 that I got from Amazon…

Here is my latest dp unboxing…


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