SAL #45

Where does the time go? Really?

So, I actually did put a bit of time into stitching this round. Here is where I was last time…

And here is where I am now…

There are a couple new colors popping in and it’s been pretty fun.

Joann’s had a sale on embroidery floss, and an extra 25% off total purchase, so last night I picked up most of the colors for my next project. It’s from the same magazine, but spans several issues so I had to track down the back issues and order a really big peice of fabric. But, when I finish this one, I’ll be pretty much ready for the next! Haha ambitious!

Our group has grown again, so make sure to go check out everyone’s pages to see what they’ve been up to!

Remember, if you have questions about our SAL or want to join, contact Avis…


15 thoughts on “SAL #45

  1. I think I’d get less done with such a cute “helper” around! I love the colors on your project — I should be smart and actually get all the floss for that pattern next time floss goes on sale at Joann!

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