Diamond Painting Projects #8

Yay! I have some finished projects to show you guys this time!

Alright, so here we go…

This one is totally finished, she is from Diamond Art Club, Melinda and Moohoo by Hannah Lynn. I did cut off two rows of drills on either side to get her to fit in the frame. Though if I hadn’t just told you that, you’d probably never know. It’s an 18 x 26 frame that I ordered from Amazon. Oh and it’s square with AB drills.

Okay, on to the next

My 4 owls are complete. I’m not sure if I want to try to find a frame to fit the whole thing, or individually… So, this one I bought from CESdeals. It was the first one that I completed from them. It’s a round. The picture makes it look better I think, than in person. Though if you stand at the right viewing distance, it’s good.

This is my second of 4 coffee and cupcake images. It’s a 4 pack that I ordered from Amazon. Again at the right viewing distance they look great. And since I plan to put them in my kitchen/dining area at some point, I think they will look good. They are round drills and so far barely any trash, and lots of extra.

This one took me about a day to finish. I ordered this one from DiamondXpres. With everything that is going on, it did take like 2 months to get to me. It fit very nicely in this dollar store 8 x 10 frame. I’m thinking this is a bathroom image… I don’t know, thats just what I thought the whole time I was working on it. The size is great for this image too. Round drills.

Okay my next big project is started…

I have the whole bottom completed… this is going to be a gift for my mom’s birthday in August. I should have plenty of time to finish it by then… so let me show you what this is going to be…

Yeah, my mom is a fan of the Duke…

This is a square from Royal Diamond Painting. I have several from them. After the ones I have, I probably will not be ordering from them again. Popping drills everywhere. I will be framing this one, so that should hold everything in place, but if I was going to just stretch the canvas, I’d have to definitely seal it.

If you get a sec, check out my latest diamond painting unboxing…


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