Catch Up On Crochet #14

So, as with everything else, I’ve been pretty busy. I don’t have a lot to show you guys, but I’ve got a couple finishes and a good start on a new project…

Finishes first…

I’ve gotten two more market bags done! Yay! And I ordered some more cotton yarn to be able to make some more, and a larger size as well.

Check out my latest unboxing video to see what I got…

Okay, so something new?

This will be a throw when it’s done. I’m using I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby. The colors are Stonewash Teal and Mint. The Teal is currently at 3 skeins and the Mint I just started. My plan is to do 3 teal, 1 mint and end with teal. It will be a good size when its done, I think its about 80 inches or so. I haven’t measured it yet….

2 thoughts on “Catch Up On Crochet #14

  1. Really practical these bags,I too will make them round…I don’t know. The yarn you show on the video is beautiful, even the pink mix.You want to immediately pick up needle and crochet!!
    Hugs, Carmela

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