Catch Up On Crochet #15

I’ve had a busy three weeks since last time. I did manage to work on some stuff though.

So last time I showed you guys some bags that I’d been working on. I did a couple more of those and started making the larger size that I mentioned.

I actually ran out of yarn for the larger size, so I worked on what I could until my order arrives and I can finish them. The blue one is the farthest along, I just have to do the handle rows. The red one is a little over halfway done, and the creamy one is about a third. The grey is one of my new small bags to show size comparison.

So almost all of the small bags are lilys and cream cotton. But this beige one is I love this cotton from Hobby Lobby. The large bags are all I love this cotton as well. It does make it a bit looser and more flexible than the lily’s and cream. But I wanted to stick with 100% cotton.

I did work some on my blanket but don’t have it here with me to show you. Next time…

And here is my latest unboxing of yarn…

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