Diamond Painting Projects #11

It’s been a busy few weeks for me, but I did manage to get make a little progress on my projects.

So lets go oldest to newest (of me working on them)…

I’ve made some good progress on John Wayne, this is where I was…

And here I am now…

He has a face! Again, this image is from Royal Diamond Painting and its square. It looks great in the picture, up close I’m not really happy with some of the colors. And a few popping drills.


Coffee! This is where I was…

And here I am now…

This has gotten the least attention of my projects this time… again this is a Diamond Art Club round. As with any DAC that I’ve done, absolutely no complaints. Just, how do I create more time?

And my newest project?

This little guy! I’ve been wanting to start him since I got him. He’s so cute! This is a round from CraftSavings. It’s a poured glue canvas and the drills are good, nothing bad that I can see yet.

Here are a couple links to my latest unboxing videos of diamond paintings…



2 thoughts on “Diamond Painting Projects #11

    1. It is similar to cross stitch and paint by number. It is little bead like things that stick on to a glue canvas. You follow the printed pattern. So basically, you find the symbol that matches the color and stick it on top of it using a pen. Check out some YouTube videos and watch a couple where you can see them doing it. It’s not complicated, it is time consuming, but generally relaxing. And addictive …I have a WIP and chat that you can see it https://youtu.be/aXIHFhCKEJw


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