SAL #50


That’s a lot. That’s 150 weeks of posting SAL updates. That’s almost 3 years worth of posts. Time flies.

I know that I haven’t stitched on my project too much this time, as I’ve been spending time on other projects instead….

But, here is where I was last time…

And here is were I am now…

I’ve added a couple colors and by doing that, filled in some missing pieces. It is still coming along nicely and now that I’ve gone digital with my patterns, it’s even easier to work on them.

As usual, I’ve been busy traveling to different stores, I also have 2 new team members that I’m working on training as well.

As always, go check out what everyone else is working on…

Happy Stitching!

Sirius says its hot.

16 thoughts on “SAL #50

  1. Every stitch……..… I guess you heard it before 🙂 Anyway it´s a progress! Poor Sirius! it´s hot where I live too. Our cat spend most of his time in the barn where it is cooler!

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  2. Wow, 50 SAL posts! I got this pattern digitally after seeing yours… though I’m not sure when I’ll start to work on it. But every time I see your update I think, “I should get the floss ready to do this!”. So beautiful!

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