SAL #53

Why does 3 weeks fly by so fast? Does anyone else feel that way?

Well, I did have a bit of a staycation last week and worked on several projects. I don’t think I worked on this one at all during that time, but I did almost exclusively work on it while at the hotel.

So, this is where I was last time…

And this is where I’m at now…

I actually need to frog a bit because I’m off on the dark teal where all 4 pages of the pattern come together and it’s a bit difficult to figure out exactly where the stitches are supposed to be. It’s moving along nicely anyway!

Don’t forget to stop by and see what everyone else is working on!

Until next time. Happy Stitching!

13 thoughts on “SAL #53

  1. It looks so beautiful and neat !! I’m also one to bring cross stitch on “staycations” the only problem being last time we visited Berlin (1st for me) we were out walking all day so by the time we went into our rooms for the night I’d immediatly fall asleep. (never been so tired before 10PM in my life :D)
    I find cross stitch is a great thing to bring over when visiting the folks however, as it can be a bit boring to not have your own “stuff” to do.

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