Diamond Painting Projects #16

Lot’s of no time to work on crafts… so not a lot to show you guys, and I’m not home, so a few that I can’t show.

But I do have a finish to show you guys! Whoot! So let’s get into it.

Last time, this is where I was with Mona…

And now?

She’s done! Well, I still have to frame her, but, she’s done! Again, this is Mona by Hannah Lynn from Diamond Art Club. So vibrant! She’s rounds with 3 AB colors.


Titania and Oberon by Josephine Wall from Diamond Art Club. This on is huge. 28 x 39 inches. It’s also square so will take awhile.

I did get several new kits, including the four that are now stocked at Hobby Lobby from Diamond Art Club. So exciting. Can’t wait until they start stocking more 🙂

3 thoughts on “Diamond Painting Projects #16

  1. Heidi, I’ve just recently ordered a couple of DD kits (bookmark & notebook cover with only partial coverage) thinking my husband might enjoy this craft. Avis (of the SAL) reminded me that you’re into DD big time, so I wondered if I could ask a few questions.
    1. I’ve seen that some kits come with round gems and some with square: do you have a preference? or are both types just as easy to handle?
    2. How does the glue seem to hold up over time? Do you have to spray a finished picture with varnish or anything, to help seal the picture?
    Thanks in advance.

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    1. Hi! Yes, I do a lot of Diamond Art. The round is more biginner and square takes a bit more precision. Round will give you gaps between the drills on the canvas, that is why the background of the canvas is a similar color to the drill. Square will be a tighter fit and give a smoother look. But there will be slight gaps here and there too, just not as big.
      No special tools are needed other than what comes in the kits, anything else is just personal preference.
      I have had drills pop off on cheaper canvases, mostly the double sided tape ones. I’ve never had that problem with a poured glue canvas. If you are worried that they might come off, or are experiencing popping drills while setting, I’d use glossy mod podge to seal it. I haven’t sealed anything big, as all my big ones are in frames and so covered with plexy/glass. Most are weird sizes, but I’ve had pretty good luck on Amazon and trimming a tad to make them fit.
      Hope this answers some questions 🙂

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