SAL #58

Well, I’ve had an eventful three weeks.

In the next three weeks, I will be moving across the country! I have a new job and will be moving to Arizona! So there is my huge news for this time.

Big news? Yes, I have a happy dance! My Christmas wreath is done! I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, for now it will just get packed, but eventually I’ll do something. I was thinking maybe a pillow…

Anyway, this is where I was last time…

And now…

I totally powered through to get this finished. There are a few miscount errors, but I worked with them and other than me, I don’t think anyone would notice.

Sooo, I’m not sure about the next posting time, if I don’t post in three weeks, you guys will know why, our next post date is when I actually plan on starting my drive.

But for now, go check out everyone’s pages to see what they’ve been up to as well.

Happy Stitching!AvisClaireGunCaroleSue,







22 thoughts on “SAL #58

  1. You did a beautiful job on this and no – I can’t spot a thing wrong with it. Happy dancing with you. Congrats on the new job and safe driving on the move, enjoy the adventure.

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