Diamond Painting Projects #17

So it’s been a very long time since I posted an update on my diamond painting stuff. Not since before I moved to Arizona. So I thought I’d show you guys what I’ve gotten done in the last few months…

This is Oberon and Tatania from Diamond Art Club. Artists is Josephine Wall. Its a square and took me forever to finish. Its approx 28×39 inches. Its hanging in my library which I think is fitting…

This is Worlds Away from Diamond Art Club artist is Mandie Manzano. Its Round approx 20x22in

This is Rose and Sheet Music from Diamond Art Club and is also Round.

This is Saxophone from Diamond Art Club. Its a square and I believe it was discontinued but I’m not sure. It came out great though. Its approx 20×30 inches

This is also from Diamond Art Club. This is called Pumpkin Patch and has been discontinued for a while. Its approx 23×13 inch.

This is also from Diamond Art Club, artist is Hannah Lynn and its called April Fairy. Still available on their sight when its in stock. Its a round and approx 19×26 inches.

That should get you caught up to date with my finishes since last time. I’ve taken a little break since finishing April Fairy, but will show you some of the ones ive got started next time. I’ve got a few started but not complete yet, that are not from DAC.

Here is one of my latest Diamond Painting unboxings if you’re interested in checking that out too 🙂

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