Current Cross Stitch Wips

Since I’ve been home a bit more, I’ve had some time to work on some of my cross stitch projects and start some new ones.

I even downloaded a new app that lets you create a spinning wheel to help you choose what project to work on. This has been fun, I’ve always been the type to work on a few projects at a time, and I also practice time management as I limit myself on how long I work on each project (you know, unless I’m just really in the groove of it!)

Here’s a screenshot of the app that I got…

It’s called Tiny Decisions and is free to download. So far I like it and I think will continue to use it.

So, as many of you know, I belong to a stitch a long with my blog, but we are only allowed to post about one project that we are working on, so I will not be showing that project here, you can check out my recent posts to see that one.

Let’s jump in and I’ll show you my current WIPs.

First up is a Christmas Gnome, I only have a pattern and not an image, so I can’t show what the final product should look like…but I think you’ll get it…

This would probably be considered a smalls because he is only about 3 x 4 inches. I really don’t have much left to do on him, and then there is a bunch of backstiching. Which I hate, but will pop this cute little gnome. I think I’ve only worked on this 3 or 4 times a few hours each. I don’t really keep track of hours or stitches so not sure. Maybe I should do that…

This is on 18 count opalescent Aida, that is hand died. It was in my stash, and not really sure where I got it from… I did change a couple of the colors on the pattern as well to show up better on the blue background.

Next up is How Does Your Garden Grow…

This pattern is from Caterpillar Cross Stitch out of England. It’s a small business and they have a subscription box that I get. This was originally a stitch a long, but I waited til after it was over to purchase the kit from them.

This is on 16 count Aida. I’m just using every that came in the kit so no changes or anything on this one.

My next few WIPs are all from the same small business (somewhere in Tennessee near Nashville I think)

So first up is the project my wheel just told me to work on, my Hunger Games project Hope>Fear

I’ve only worked on this once for the length of a movie (Hunger Games of course). But I’m sure after I work on it for a bit today, it will start to resemble something.

This is a full kit of hand dyed stuff. 14 count Aida and all the floss as well is hand dyed. The fabric is super soft which has forced me to need to use a hoop. I usually don’t…

Next up is also from Forbidden Fiber Co. And this was from their Valentines at Downton Abey mystery box from a year or two ago (I’m really not sure).

I’ve worked on this one 3 times, I think. As with the previous kit, everything is hand dyed, however the fabric is not as soft and I have not been using any kind of hoop.

This is 18 count Aida, and since it’s a kit, I haven’t changed anything for it.

Next up is Haunted House from them as well…

This is on either 18 or 16 count opalescent aida. It is hard to see and has been a difficult stitch because of that. Everything is hand dyed and the pattern is pretty color blocked, but the fabric is just being difficult.

Next up is All Hallows Eve (Quaker Pumpkins)…

This was a floss kit that I got from Forbidden Fiber and the hand dyed fabric is from my stash. I believe this is 18 count as well. Most of my projects hover in the 16-18 count area.

The last one I’m going to share with you is also from Forbidden Fiber, it is their Life’s A Gamble…

This is all hand dyed stuff too, but there is only 2 colors and the fabric is a funky green color. I think I’ve worked on this twice so far and more than halfway done.

I have finished a couple projects recently and if you are interested in seeing those and more stuff, please check out my recent flosstube video…

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