Book Review #38

So, I really enjoy Nia Vardalos. She’s refreshingly not “Hollywood”. In this book she talks mostly about her struggle to become a mom. The journey that we take with her is entertaining and a bit heartbreaking. She is very open about her experiences and you really feel for her when she is able to adopt and start on her new journey. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Nia Vardalos, and anyone struggling with trying to start a family. Two thumbs up. Continue reading Book Review #38

Book Review #37

Oh my gosh, I have been slacking so much! Time is just flying! I really can’t believe that it has been so long since I posted a book review! So, for today let’s talk about I’ve read a few of Melanie Benjamin’s books and I really enjoy the research that she puts into them. This one is about the socialite society that surrounded Truman Capote. This was a very interesting read, and it came from different angles than you might think. It is definitely not written in a biographical style even though that really is what this novel is in … Continue reading Book Review #37

Book Review #34

One of my favorite “classic rock” bands. I listen to and sing their songs all the time. Learning some of the stories behind the songs and the band were interesting. Since this was before my time, there were many details that I did not know about. If you were/are a fan, you probably would know some of the stories that are told in this book. It is a nice insight to the music business of the 70’s and 80’s. As with other books of this type, I of course listened to this one too. Are you a fan? Give it … Continue reading Book Review #34

Book Review #32

Sorry I’ve gotten a bit behind on my book posts. I will try to catch up in the next few days. So far my new job has been kicking my butt… Anyway, back to books… Yes, of course I’ve seen the movie (which is excellent, just saying). So when I came across this audio book, I was intrigued. First off, there is much more in the book thsn what made it into the movie. And the events are obviously a bit different as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It was different enough from the movie that I did not … Continue reading Book Review #32

Book Review #27

Yet another one that I have not actually seen the movie that was made from this book. I have been told that it is good though. Well, if it is of the same quality as the boom itself, I’d like to see it. This book was a great read. I did not know anything about the subject when I started to read it. It is more than just one guy writing speeches for a king, its so much more. Very interesting, the style that was used and the therapy thar was given. If this at all interests you, give it … Continue reading Book Review #27

Book Review #18

Who doesn’t like Drew Barrymore? As with other books like this, I highly recommend thar you get the audio book version. It is of corse read by Drew Barrymore herself.  This book is done kind of the way one would imagine it would be, in no particular order. It is not on a timeline that is chronological in any way. She jumps from one thing to another.  I found this to be an entertaining read and you get a bit of insight into her world. Its noy the tell all the gory details kind of book though. This is a … Continue reading Book Review #18

Book Review #14

What an interesting read. This gets a bit detailed sometimes, but it flows so well that it’s not always hit you upside the head with it.   It is a wild adventure and if you get the audio book, you get the treat of hearing it from the author.  I was not familiar with the crimes that this book details, but I quickly understood the premises. It definitely serves as a warning to some people who tend toward the hacking side of computers. As this starts as an old school version of hacking, with phones. I happen to be a fan … Continue reading Book Review #14

Book Review #10

Back to autobiographies… As I have said before, when it comes to this type of book, I really like to listen to the audio book version. Especially when it is read by the author. This book was read by Tina Fey, and it was done well. It feels like you are just sitting down to have a conversation with her, and she’s telling you her life story. Well, parts of it anyway.  The ride is smooth and her voice is easy to listen to. If you were not sure if Tina was a normal everyday person, you will be after … Continue reading Book Review #10

Book Review #3

Up next is an autobiography. For some reason I’ve been reading several of these lately. So, first up… Now, when it comes to this type of book, I prefer to listen to the audio book version. This is especially true when it is read by the author. This one did not disappoint. I find it fascinating to listen to a storyteller talk about their own experiences. It adds so much depth.  If you are familiar with Garry Marshall’s work, all the better. I was vaguely aware of a few movies which he directed, such as Pretty Woman, and Hocus Pocus. … Continue reading Book Review #3