Diamond Painting Projects #17

So it’s been a very long time since I posted an update on my diamond painting stuff. Not since before I moved to Arizona. So I thought I’d show you guys what I’ve gotten done in the last few months… This is Oberon and Tatania from Diamond Art Club. Artists is Josephine Wall. Its a square and took me forever to finish. Its approx 28×39 inches. Its hanging in my library which I think is fitting… This is Worlds Away from Diamond Art Club artist is Mandie Manzano. Its Round approx 20x22in This is Rose and Sheet Music from Diamond … Continue reading Diamond Painting Projects #17

Diamond Painting Projects #15

Three more weeks! Geez. Where does it go? Okay, I don’t have any new finishes to show you guys, but I do have some WIPs. So, let’s get started! Last time you saw this guy, this is where I was at… And now. I’m here… I did get a bit more filled in. Next project, I didn’t work on at all, but this is my current hotel project… Next up? Last time I was here… And now, I’m here. I did manage to finish another section on this one… And last but not least? Here’s Mona… This was last time, … Continue reading Diamond Painting Projects #15

Catch Up On Crochet #17

Hopefully you all had a good three weeks. Mine were about normal, now that I’m back to traveling for work. I’ve finished a couple more bags, so I’ll start with showing those… These are the larger size, and I really like the way the variegated colors came out. Both are I Love This Cotton from Hobby Lobby. It took about 1 and 1/2 skeins of yarn to make these. So, those are my only finishes this time. On to WIPS. I’ve got a few of those to show you guys. First up, Boho Sweater… So, basically its a big granny … Continue reading Catch Up On Crochet #17

Diamond Painting Projects #13

Lucky number 13! Hello, and Welcome! I actually have a few finishes to show you guys! Woot! So, first, I’ll start with finishes and then go to WIPS. I showed you guys that I finished John Wayne last time, well I did frame him, so I wanted to show you how that looks. I gave him to my mom already and she loves it. Again this is a square from Royal Diamond Painting. Its approximately 15″ x 21″ I did end up shaving 3 rows from all sides to fit in the frame. But if I hadn’t told you that, … Continue reading Diamond Painting Projects #13

SAL Update #8

Happy New Year!  It’s that time again for an update of where I’m at on my stitching project. Well, last time I had finished the horses for my mom. This time I’ve got a few things to show you. First I picked up a three pack of black squares. So here is what I’ve done with them so far… I’m going for a Halloween theme. I haven’t decided what I want to do with the third one. So while I’m thinking about that, I dug up another ufo. This time I had originally started it for my dad. I have … Continue reading SAL Update #8

SAL Update #5

Well, I am just a bit disappointed in myself. I did not finish my project. Too many distractions and other obligations. (Those pesky work things.) So, let me first remind you where I was last time: Now, here is where I am three weeks later… I have done a bit more on the leaves, but as I said, I am a bit disappointed in myself that I didn’t do more. Though when you see an upcoming point that I will be making, you may understand where my attention has been 😉. So, as always, thanks for taking a look at … Continue reading SAL Update #5

SAL Update #4

Wow another 3 weeks have flown by again! Now that we are in October, the time will fly by, so many things to do! So, last time I showed you where I was on my pumpkin project, but just for a reminder, this is where I was 3 weeks ago And this is where I am now, The whole bottom part is done, I really just have the leaves to work on and the stems that go into the jar. My goal is to have this done by the next time our update comes around. Thanks for taking a look … Continue reading SAL Update #4