Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 15

Favorite male character… Hmm so hard… I would have to say, Sherlock Holmes I’ve read most of the original stories, and many spin offs. His character is something I find interesting and intriguing. I’m sure once I post this, I’ll think of a million other characters that would fit the bill, but oh well, that’s a reader for you! Continue reading Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 15

Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 12

A book you love, but hate at the same time… Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury Obviously this is a classic that is on most must read lists. It’s very well written and that is one of the reasons that I love this book. However, just the premises of not being able to read books really gets my hackles up. So that is why I pick this book for this Challenge. Be careful how much control you let others have over you/society… (Read Banned Books) Continue reading Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 12

Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 2

A book that you’ve read more than 3 times… The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare Though I don’t actually tend to read books multiple times, there are a few that I could have chosen for today’s book. I could have said Dracula without a hesitation, I could have said American Gods, or Harry Potter… But this book I think, was really the first time I had read something that fell into the historical fiction category. Of course it had sparked my interest because it was about a witch, or so the title claimed. I don’t remember how … Continue reading Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 2

Book Review #35

Back to the classics. Mansfield Park is probably #3 for me in Austen’s books. Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and then Mansfield Park. Fanny Price is a compelling character. The reader can relate to her struggle to fit in/be seen by her aunt and uncle and cousins. She comes from a lower class than her rich cousins. So she is in essence a charity case for them. Even though she is raised as one of them, she is clearly seen as an outsider. She is courted by a man whi believes that she could not do better than him, … Continue reading Book Review #35

Book Review #17

For those of you who do not know, this is just part one of Crusoe’s adventures.  This is a classic novel, with classic length. It is long winded. The story is good, it just takes so long to tell it, and then you find out that there is more. This is the classic stranded on an island story. Though it never seems to really be that bad. Crusoe manages to find food, heck he even starts to farm. He has no interaction with other people for the most part. Until the end of the story, where the storyline becomes a … Continue reading Book Review #17

Book Review #12

Today’s read… Okay, so a little bit about me. I have a MA in English with a concentration in Fiction Writing. So, that being said, I do read a few classics now and then. This will not be the only one to pop up in my reviews, I promise you that.  So the novel. Well written prose. Classic gothic. If you are a fan of Jane Eyre or Wurthering Heights, you would probably enjoy this novel. It is written as an account of what happened in order to prove that someonr is really not dead. I don’t want to say … Continue reading Book Review #12