Catch up on Crochet 3

So I’ve been trying some new yarns. I ordered some stuff from Hobium, and when the rather large bag arrived at my dad’s house, he was a bit confused since the return address was from Istanbul. But, hey it arrived in 2 days. You can’t even mail something across town and expect it to be there in 2 days. So wow. Here is what I ordered… Some of the yarn I really like, some, not so much. The one I’ve been most disappointed in is the Kartopu Hola. I ordered it in three colors, but now, I’m wishing I hadn’t. … Continue reading Catch up on Crochet 3

Catch up on Crochet 2

So, here are a few things that I’ve gotten done in the last 3 weeks… Lightweight Mint Chip blanket Purple multicolored hook book Another Superhero hat… trying to find the best pattern for this colorway… Dish towel and dishclothes… I’ve done 3 pink dishclothes so far… Youth size beanie… not sure I like this pattern, the stitches at the top seem to stretch too much… And adult size beanie… I like this pattern, it has a lot of texture which is nice. And a triangle shawl/scarf. Not sure I like this pattern either…I haven’t found a way to wear it … Continue reading Catch up on Crochet 2

SAL #36

Three weeks ago I was able to show off my butterflies finished. They are still hanging out, waiting for me to do something with them. So, on to the next project. Right? Alright, so this is where I am… Not sure it looks like much of anything yet. So this is what it will be…. maybe… I say maybe, because I’m not sure if I want to put the words in. I may just do flowers and books, as that’s what drew me to this pattern in the first place… what do you guys think? As always, make sure to … Continue reading SAL #36

Catch up on Crochet….

Okay, so around Christmas, I decided to teach myself how to crochet. I had tried to years ago, but knitting kept confusing me. So, since I hadn’t knit in I don’t know how long, I decided that maybe it was a good time to try my hand at crochet again.So, this post is to catch everyone up on just how busy I’ve been since I decided to take on this little project last December…. There may be more that I don’t have pictures of handy….Everything that I make is also available for sale inmy Etsy shop. The link below will … Continue reading Catch up on Crochet….

SAL #35

Wow 3 weeks really fly by don’t they? I feel like every time I turn around, its another three weeks and time to post again! Okay, so last time this is where I was… And now? Drum roll please…. Go ahead, I’ll wait… I have not started my next project yet, so you’ll have to wait until next time to see that… Until then, go check out everyone’s pages to see what they’ve been up to… Avis, Claire, Gun, Carole, Sue, Constanze, Christina, Kathy, Margaret, Cindy, Helen, Linda, Heidi, Jackie, Sunny, Hayley, Megan, Deborah, Clare, MaryMargaret, Renee, Jenny, Carmela, Jocelyn, … Continue reading SAL #35

SAL #34

Another 3 weeks. And another vacation. It was more of a staycation this time, however since I’m always on the road, it was kind of nice to be in one place for awhile. (No, I still don’t have a place, I stayed with family.) So, I must have gotten really far on my butterflies right? Haha, not really. I did a little bit, but barely enough to show. I did however, finish a quilt top that has taken me almost 2 years going from hotel to hotel. So, anyway, this is where I was last time… And this is where … Continue reading SAL #34

SAL #33

Oh my gosh, I totally missed the last update! So sorry about that. I’ve been pretty busy at work, switching gears and changing plans. I also went on a vacation to Vegas. It was the 4th time I’ve been there, and the 3rd time by myself. I did a lot while there, saw the Hoover Dam and several shows. So, back to my butterflies… This is where I was last time… And this is where I’m at now… So another one done, three more to finish stitching. Sooo close.. Until next time, go see everyone else’s pages and check out … Continue reading SAL #33