Catch Up On Crochet #15

I’ve had a busy three weeks since last time. I did manage to work on some stuff though. So last time I showed you guys some bags that I’d been working on. I did a couple more of those and started making the larger size that I mentioned. I actually ran out of yarn for the larger size, so I worked on what I could until my order arrives and I can finish them. The blue one is the farthest along, I just have to do the handle rows. The red one is a little over halfway done, and the … Continue reading Catch Up On Crochet #15

Catch Up On Crochet #14

So, as with everything else, I’ve been pretty busy. I don’t have a lot to show you guys, but I’ve got a couple finishes and a good start on a new project… Finishes first… I’ve gotten two more market bags done! Yay! And I ordered some more cotton yarn to be able to make some more, and a larger size as well. Check out my latest unboxing video to see what I got… Okay, so something new? This will be a throw when it’s done. I’m using I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby. The colors are Stonewash Teal … Continue reading Catch Up On Crochet #14

Catch Up On Crochet #13

Lucky number 13… So I’ve done a few things since last time. I did finish my 10 Hat Not Hate hats that I sent out a couple weeks ago. So there’s that. I did a couple light weight baby blankets… And I decided on a market bag pattern that I’ll do in a couple sizes for shows…. This is the small size, I think I’ll do another size about 5 inches wider as well. Just not sure how many of each I want to make up. Maybe 6? What do you guys think? They are 100% cotton… Here’s my latest … Continue reading Catch Up On Crochet #13

Catch Up On Crochet #12

Okay, so I have a couple finishes to show you guys this time. I showed you the beginning of this blanket last time. So this is where I was, I was waiting for more yarn that I ordered to arrive… And here it is finished… Each color block is a skein of yarn. I used Paintbox Super Chunky. This is 8 1/2 skeins (the half is the white border that I did 2 rows of). I think that is my only true finish to show… So I started making a top…. I have one side complete and am working on … Continue reading Catch Up On Crochet #12

Catch Up On Crochet #11

Another 3 weeks has gone by. And what do I have to show for it? In crochet? Not too much. But, I do have something! Since everyone is on the Granny Square kick, I thought I’d join in. It’s a bit larger than a baby blanket, more like a lap throw. I made this with Paintbox yarn. I also have a start on another blanket… I may finish this one up today… this is also made with Paintbox yarn… The scarf that I showed last time? I think I’ve decided to frog it out, and make it much wider … Continue reading Catch Up On Crochet #11

Catch Up On Crochet #10

Wow I’m on #10 for crochet posts already. That’s 30 weeks of posts… Anyway, I did not do too much to show you this time. A couple finished projects and a WIP. So, I still have just a couple more headbands to do to finish what I wanted to have ready and here are a few of them… And this is my current WIP, it was going to be a cowl, but is becoming a scarf… I recently ordered some yarn online and below are the unboxings that I did of them… So what do you think? Continue reading Catch Up On Crochet #10

Catch Up on Crochet #9

Well, another 3 weeks have flown by and I did do a bit of crocheting. So, I did some more head bands… I have just a couple more colors that I want to do, and then I think I’ll be set on that style. Once I get those done, I’ll be focusing my attention on making market bags. So I tested out this pattern, to see if I like it… I like the bag itself, but not the handles. I think it’s a good size. I used two cotton yarns together, one pink and one grey to make this bag. … Continue reading Catch Up on Crochet #9