Diamond Painting Projects #3

Three weeks! Okay, so, I’ve been busy on diamond painting. Lots of stuff to show you guys. So let’s just get to it… This is Free and Wild from Diamond Art Club This is also a DAC, I believe it’s called Autumn Reflections. This is for my dad’s girlfriend for xmas. This little guy is from 5D Artist, I wanted to do this to see how good the canvas and diamonds are. I have 4 more the same size, but much more detailed. Not sure how they will come out. Nuzzling from DiamondDots is for my dad for xmas. And … Continue reading Diamond Painting Projects #3

Diamond Painting Projects #2

I’ve been a bit busier with diamond painting these last few weeks. I’ve also gotten a few more kits. If you’d like to see them, check out the video I posted on YouTube… So, anyway, here is what’s been going on… Finished this one, bought a frame for it, but haven’t had a chance to frame it yet. This one I mean to give my dad for xmas. And this… This one is for my mom for xmas. If you’d like to see what I did with this, check out the video 😉 Until next time! Continue reading Diamond Painting Projects #2

Diamond Painting Projects #1

Okay, so three weeks ago I shared that I had done my first diamond painting project. Still not sure what I’m going to do with that one, but it’s okay. To remind you, this is what I did… I did enjoy doing this, so I got another, and that turned into getting a lot more. Some of the ones that I’ve ordered, were not the best, as when I first started looking at them, I didn’t know about how the bigger the canvas the better the image. Anywho, I ordered some from Amazon, Painting with Diamonds, Home Craftology, and Diamond … Continue reading Diamond Painting Projects #1

Catch Up on Crochet #4

I’ve been a bit busy the last few weeks opening another new store, and Grand Opening is next week, but I do have a few new projects to show off since last time… Another messy bun hat, trying to build up a store of these, though I’ve been selling some of them (yay!). Want to have enough for a craft fair, let me know in the comments if there is a color you think would do great. Messy bun and beanie with a pom… These are all sold… along with the next one… Toddler size kitty hat… This wrap is … Continue reading Catch Up on Crochet #4