Diamond Painting Projects #17

So it’s been a very long time since I posted an update on my diamond painting stuff. Not since before I moved to Arizona. So I thought I’d show you guys what I’ve gotten done in the last few months… This is Oberon and Tatania from Diamond Art Club. Artists is Josephine Wall. Its a square and took me forever to finish. Its approx 28×39 inches. Its hanging in my library which I think is fitting… This is Worlds Away from Diamond Art Club artist is Mandie Manzano. Its Round approx 20x22in This is Rose and Sheet Music from Diamond … Continue reading Diamond Painting Projects #17

Diamond Painting Projects #13

Lucky number 13! Hello, and Welcome! I actually have a few finishes to show you guys! Woot! So, first, I’ll start with finishes and then go to WIPS. I showed you guys that I finished John Wayne last time, well I did frame him, so I wanted to show you how that looks. I gave him to my mom already and she loves it. Again this is a square from Royal Diamond Painting. Its approximately 15″ x 21″ I did end up shaving 3 rows from all sides to fit in the frame. But if I hadn’t told you that, … Continue reading Diamond Painting Projects #13