Book Review #24

So I stayed up til about 2 am this morning finishing this book. I really wanted to find out what happened.  This book is written as a kind of modern day Rear Window. I think the author pulls it off rather well. It actually has a mixture of old movies rolled into it (literally and figuratively). As a fan of these movies, I really enjoyed the references.  There were a few predictable aspects, and the movies referenced foreshadowed much of the action, but it was done so well… I give this one two excited thumbs up! Continue reading Book Review #24

Book Review #22

Okay, last one for today… Such a smooth writter. You may be familiar with the Pink Carnation series by Lauren Willig. I am, (and must say I thoroughly enjoyed all of the books) so when this book became available from Book of the Month, of course I ordered it.  If you read the Pink Carnation, this is not the same thing. It is set around 1900 and yes it is full of murder and intrigue, though no clumsy spies. Sorry to disappoint.  The novel is written from two different viewpoints and flows nicely.  I really liked the twist at the … Continue reading Book Review #22

Book Review #19

I’ve read this book, and the other ones in the series multiple times. So, obviously, I like them.  This series is set in an alternate universe and begins around 1985. It’s chock full of pop culture references along with literary ones.  If you are a fan of British humor and enjoy a bit of sci-fi, check this one out, you won’t be disappointed.  Continue reading Book Review #19

Book Review #15

This is another book that I received from Book of the Month. It is a sci-fi/psychological thriller. The idea behind this book is a bit creepy. I don’t want to give too much away about this book, in case someone wants to read it. However, read on at you’re own risk.  In this book, people go to a kind of psychic network that allows them to communicate with dead people, by letting the dead person possess their body. Then the person visiting can have a conversation or whatever with the dead person.  If that isn’t creepy enough, the main story … Continue reading Book Review #15

Book Review #14

What an interesting read. This gets a bit detailed sometimes, but it flows so well that it’s not always hit you upside the head with it.   It is a wild adventure and if you get the audio book, you get the treat of hearing it from the author.  I was not familiar with the crimes that this book details, but I quickly understood the premises. It definitely serves as a warning to some people who tend toward the hacking side of computers. As this starts as an old school version of hacking, with phones. I happen to be a fan … Continue reading Book Review #14

Book Review #12

Today’s read… Okay, so a little bit about me. I have a MA in English with a concentration in Fiction Writing. So, that being said, I do read a few classics now and then. This will not be the only one to pop up in my reviews, I promise you that.  So the novel. Well written prose. Classic gothic. If you are a fan of Jane Eyre or Wurthering Heights, you would probably enjoy this novel. It is written as an account of what happened in order to prove that someonr is really not dead. I don’t want to say … Continue reading Book Review #12

Book Review #11

Today’s book… I read this book because I liked the cover. True story.  So once I decided to read it, I  read the short summary of it. Okay, it’s about a woman who is going through a divorce. She inherits a Parisian locksmith shop from an uncle and decides to get away from it all and move to France for awhile. She stumbles through her first little bit of time in France, but eventually starts to feel like herself again, making friends along the way.  While all this is happening, she stumbles across a family secret. It’s kind of a … Continue reading Book Review #11