Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 3

Your favorite series… Hands down the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon I love the historical context and all the detail. (Book 5 has a bit too much detail, as it takes 100 pages or so for one day, but really no complaints.) Yes, I watch the Starz series based on the books, and yes, I love it. The show stays very true to the books. I am anxiously awaiting the next book to come out! Continue reading Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 3

Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 2

A book that you’ve read more than 3 times… The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare Though I don’t actually tend to read books multiple times, there are a few that I could have chosen for today’s book. I could have said Dracula without a hesitation, I could have said American Gods, or Harry Potter… But this book I think, was really the first time I had read something that fell into the historical fiction category. Of course it had sparked my interest because it was about a witch, or so the title claimed. I don’t remember how … Continue reading Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 2

Book Review #40

And next… I will not lie, this book took me months to read. Not because it’s long, but because I just could not get into it. I had a really hard time relating to any of the characters and the story itself was not that interesting. Would I recommend this book? Probably not. If I hadn’t gotten it in my BOTM I probably wouldn’t have read it myself. Continue reading Book Review #40

Book Review #39

So, it’s been a while since I posted a book review, but I read this while on a plane and had to say something about it. This is a “prequel” to Practical Magic. You do not have to know the story from Practical Magic in order to understand what this book is about. First, let me say that I’m not sure I liked the style of writing. It is a bit jumpy and at a few points, I was not sure who the narrator was, as it jumps back and forth, but all in a third person view point. I … Continue reading Book Review #39

Book Review #37

Oh my gosh, I have been slacking so much! Time is just flying! I really can’t believe that it has been so long since I posted a book review! So, for today let’s talk about I’ve read a few of Melanie Benjamin’s books and I really enjoy the research that she puts into them. This one is about the socialite society that surrounded Truman Capote. This was a very interesting read, and it came from different angles than you might think. It is definitely not written in a biographical style even though that really is what this novel is in … Continue reading Book Review #37

Book Review #36

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted a book review! Gosh time flies! So I just finished this one… I feel that this is kind of reminiscent of Neil Gaiman. It has the believable reality of magical thinking that Gaiman does so well. The writting was well done and easily read. The story is intriguing and I really liked the characters. Really the only thing that I didn’t like was the way it jumped back and forth in time. Sometimes I did forget what time I was in and had to go back and check. If you like magical … Continue reading Book Review #36

Book Review #34

One of my favorite “classic rock” bands. I listen to and sing their songs all the time. Learning some of the stories behind the songs and the band were interesting. Since this was before my time, there were many details that I did not know about. If you were/are a fan, you probably would know some of the stories that are told in this book. It is a nice insight to the music business of the 70’s and 80’s. As with other books of this type, I of course listened to this one too. Are you a fan? Give it … Continue reading Book Review #34