Book Review #20

Is it true that everyone reads Danielle Steel? That was a slogan they used to sell her books (and I think they still use it). I’ll admit that I’ve read my fair share of her novels. If you are a fan, this one does not disappoint. A young girl is orphaned in France and is sent to live with an aunt she’s never met. She grows up very poor and almost abused as a result. She is in college when she finds out that she is really an heiress. Once this happens, she decides to go back to France to … Continue reading Book Review #20

Book Review #6

Something different… I received this book in one of those book of the month boxes. Most of the books they send are solidly in the YA catagory. This book, is not. It starts out like a YA with the storyline of a girl who is struggling to pay her rent, her father’s medical bills, and generally make ends meet. One of her friends tells her she looks like this famous actress and then signs her up as a body double type of thing. So she basically gets thrown into a scheme that requires her to pretend to be this famous … Continue reading Book Review #6