Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 14

Book turned movie, and completely desecrated…. Oh, this is fun… So many to choose from…. The one that popped into my head as soon as I read the Challenge was… Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones (Mortal Instruments). I’d read the series, and liked it, so I thought, why not watch the movie? Augh, they cut out so much, and changed other stuff, that it was barely recognizable as the story from the book. I did however like the TV series that was on Freeform until being canceled, it was closer to the book. Continue reading Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 14

Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 8

Most overrated book… The Selection series by Kiera Cass I picked these because they could have been so much better. Too much fluff and not enough substance. The story itself wasn’t bad, but it needed a bit more grit. It was designed to be a dystopian story, but it lacked that sense of urgency that a dystopian story needs. Continue reading Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 8

Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 2

A book that you’ve read more than 3 times… The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare Though I don’t actually tend to read books multiple times, there are a few that I could have chosen for today’s book. I could have said Dracula without a hesitation, I could have said American Gods, or Harry Potter… But this book I think, was really the first time I had read something that fell into the historical fiction category. Of course it had sparked my interest because it was about a witch, or so the title claimed. I don’t remember how … Continue reading Thirty Day Book Challenge: Day 2

Book Review #30

If you like the books by Sarah Addison Allen,  you’ll like this book. It is written in the same style. A little mystery, a little magic, a little romance, a little something special. This is yet another from Book of the Month. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised that I really liked it.  I would probably say that this is a young adult book, but anyone would like it. Ghosts and mysteries to solve. A quick read, but there is a strong emotional pull to it. Give it a try… Continue reading Book Review #30

Book Review #29

The mystery continues in the next part of this series. No one is quite what they seem. Mori pushes away from Lock, though he may be the only one who can help her… Nice continuation of the first book. There is enough new story, that it doesn’t feel like it is just a stepping stone to get to the next book. However, I will say that unlike the stories of the books namesake, you really do need to read these in order. Otherwise I think you’d be a bit lost… Again, quick read, worth the effort. Continue reading Book Review #29

Book Review #28

A modern day twist on Sherlock Holmes. I am a fan of the originals, so why not? I received this book in one of those book of the month boxes  (it also came with a Sherlock keychain…all it has on it is 221B Baker Street which sometimes leads to interesting questions…).  This is a young adult novel that anyone could read. I liked the story and the pace. In this version Lock and Mori (short for Moriarty) sort of become friends… But, they have murders to figure out…. If you like Sherlock Holmes, or just mysteries in general, give it … Continue reading Book Review #28